The Mystery of OKTRON
The Mystery of OKTRON
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May 25 2024 15:33:26
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Red Faction : Guerrilla - Protracted rebellion

What this mod does?
This SP mod makes game longer and gives you oportunity to taste all bitterness of trully uprising such as lack of valuables or countering enemy superiority in numbers and equipment.
It is more difficult to liberate sectors, get salvage, freed hostages etc.

You need
Game patched to v1.0.2
Mod launcher

Copy all files from the archive into the game directory /mods. Activate mod in mod launcher.

Closer info
- Guerrilla reiforcements modified. You can meet first volunteers around 15 morale points but if you raise support of citizens to 100, you can overwhelm EDF in some situations.
- Accessibility of key upgrades modified. For example now you have to use grinder with explosive ammunition because rocket launcher will be unlocked in later game stage. But this fact won't do grinder useless then, it has same damage but much faster rate fo fire. Disadvatage is absence of heat seeking. The whole game is carried in this spirit of compromises.
- Game is livelier. There are more people on Mars, more EDF, guerrilla members and civilians.
- Marauder squads are huge threat. They have high amount of members and have better weapons. Don't forged, they know nano technology for years.
- Don't try to face EDF on open areas. Buildings and covers are more important. Mountains are nessesary place to hide agains heavy armors.
- EDF Convoys are much more tougher
- EDF control points in every sector increased so it is more difficult to liberate sectors for better war fellings.
- EDF reinforcements regiments modified. There're some little changes in reinforcement squads. There's propability, mainly during red alerts, EDF send biger battle regiment of tanks supported by artillery or air squadron.
- Cost of upgrades increased so you have to think, which one you really need.
- Ammunition for guerrilla weapons is easy to obtain (ammo boxes), for hi-tech EDF weapons it is quite difficult (droped by dead soldiers).
- Alerts changes. You can evade to EDF atention only during yellow alert. To delete orange or red alert levels you have to find safehouse.
- Heavy weapons such as tank turrets or airship weaponry have decreased fire rate and increased spread. This gives player more possibilities to evade or hide agains heavy regiments.
- You can carry three times more amount of ammo for bullet weapons (pistol, assault rifle...) and two times more for others.
- Morale points income halfed. Don't provoke EDF with low morale support of citizens, because they can easily outnumber and surround you withnout any help from them.
- Player death penalty increased. If EDF kills uprising hero, citizens' morale get hit hard.
- All EDF squads have more members, their property has better security and stronger checkpoints.
- Alerted EDF is much more agressive. Incoming EDF APCs are big threat, they are FULL of good trained soldiers.
- There're better EDF soldiers. You can meet well equiped officers, snipers and heavy defended members more often, especially in high alert levels.
- EDF soldiers with riot shields are tougher.
- Sniper rifle headshots are lethal.
- Peacemaker and double barrel shotguns modified. They're very lethal in close range combat but annoying in mid range combat and at far. Fire rate decreased. Your enemies with this weapons are very dangerous.
- Grinder discs is lethal for all infantry units including heavy shielded ones.
- Bullet weapons damage inflicted to vehicles decreased.
- Minor difficulty levels tweaks. (regeneration rates, enemy shot spead...)
- Sledgehammer replaced by pistol
- Pistol is more useful weapon thank to increased headshot multiplier, so if you're good shooter, pistol can be more effective than assault rifle.
- Hi-tech weapons such as rail driver or gauss rifle have increased headshot multipliers.
- Guerrilla members are slighly tougher.
- Upgrade more nanites makes from nano rifle weapon of doom. It can dissaseble one armored vehicle or human being by one shot but it takes some seconds.
- M.O.A.B. is much more stronger and useful. It can blow up whole memorial bridge in Badland sector or small bases, but its large blast attracts EDF soldiers in whole area.
- Raids are more difficult and longer. You'll feel really war.

Play on Hard or Insane difficulty for proper game feelings

If you have any ideas how to improve this game and makes it one more step better give feedback on
December 09 2013 09:18:25
Download 889
License: Tichondrius
© Tichondrius

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